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We get you the PROOF you need ethically, legally and at competitive prices. Kentucky Special Investigations utilizes the most up to date tools and methods available to get you the best results.

General Information

fraudfindersOur services include: infidelity surveillance, GPS tracking, insurance fraud investigations, locating individuals, locating assets, locating phone numbers, background checks, and bug sweep detection. Our agency can also assist you in investigations involving child support assistance, employee screening, business identification, telephone research, locating a missing person or loved one, crime scene review, taking sworn taped statements of witnesses, photography/video and much more.

Jackson Investigations have extensive training or prior law enforcement knowledge at the local, state and federal levels. With this training and experience, our investigators are qualified to handle a variety of investigations to suit your individual needs. Our firm conducts private investigations at the local, state, national and international level at the most reasonable rates affordable for our client.


Jackson Investigations is focused on identifying and addressing potentially fraudulent claim activities. Our goal is to provide clients with information that may result in direct savings to the claim file and better overall risk management program results.

Our activities are centrally managed from Jackson Investigations home office and delivered by a team of dedicated professionals who possess extensive experience in claim investigation and law enforcement. In addition, we utilize our own network of select, nationally recognized vendors that specialize in fraud investigation. We maintain affiliations with national fraud bureaus and agencies and maintain compliance with regulatory agencies.

In addition to providing direct benefits to individual claim files, the team is also committed to fraud education and training. Our professionals are available to provide fraud awareness training to our clients to help raise awareness of fraud potential as one means of mitigating this exposure.

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